C.A.R.E Jeunesse believes that it can best achieve it’s mission through the active participation of volunteers and therefore values and encourages the participation of volunteers in every aspect of it’s operation. C.A.R.E. Jeunesse encourages volunteers to contribute the amount of time that fits into their lifestyle, and appreciates any and all volunteers.

The hard work done by our volunteers continues to inspire us and C.A.R.E Jeunesse could not function without the support and dedication of it’s volunteers, from all walks of life, who open their hearts and give their energy and time to this important cause. Below are some of the volunteer areas where we have the greatest need, however we welcome all types of volunteers with a range of skills:

  • Legal expertise
  • Website/technology
  • English to French translation
  • Fundraising or grant writing experience

On behalf of C.A.R.E Jeunesse, we invite you to contact us to learn more about becoming a volunteer or apply to become a volunteer today!